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Power Amps Boast CDMA2000 And 1xEVDO Compatibility

Anadigics’ ZeroIC power amps (PAs) are the company’s latest in 3G technology, providing compatibility with reference designs based on the Qualcomm RTR6500 transceivers and second-generation Qualcomm Single Chip (QSC) products, which integrated CDMA2000 1X radio transceivers, baseband modems, power management, and multimedia engines into a single chip. The ZeroIC family also covers various frequency bands, including 800, 1900, 900, 2100, and 1700 MHz, respectively.

According to Anadigics, these PAs reportedly will cut power requirements by over 75%. Their 3-by 3-by 1-mm profile enables them to fit into the cramped spaces on small mobile sets. ZeroIC products also integrate an internal voltage regulator to further reduce space and BOM cost. Utilizing Anadigics’ patented InGaP-Plus technology, ZeroIC products allow designers to integrate previously separate circuit elements on a single die.

Anadigics www.anadigics.com

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