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Power.org Releases New Power Instruction Set Architecture, Version 2.06

Power.org, an organization that promotes and develops standards for Power Architecture technology, has released Power Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) Version 2.06, which incorporates significant advances for server and embedded applications that improve performance and efficiency and speed design cycles.

The new version reportedly defines significant extensions for the embedded environment including an enhanced memory management architecture, logical partitioning and hypervisor support, embedded page table support, and multi-threading. It contains a new vector-scalar floating-point facility that merges and extends existing vector and scalar floating-point operations. Version 2.06 also contains numerous new fixed-point, floating-point, and memory-management instructions, a new storage attribute in support of strong storage access ordering, and a new storage control features, and many other enhancements.

Power.org www.power.org

ISA V. 2.06

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