FAN4800A/C, FAN4801/1S/2/2L PFC/PWM Controller Combination

April 6, 2009
Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN4800A/C and FAN4801/1S/2/2L power supply ICs consist of a boost PFC and PWM and require very few external components to achieve versatile protections/compensation.

Fairchild Semiconductor's highly integrated FAN4800A/C and FAN4801/1S/2/2L are specially designed for power supplies that consist of boost PFC and PWM. They require very few external components to achieve versatile protections / compensation. They are available in 16-pin DIP and SOP packages.

The FAN4800A/C and FAN4801/1S/2/2L ICs consist of an average current controlled, continuous boost Power Factor Correction (PFC) front-end and a synchronized Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) back-end. The PWM can be used in current or voltage mode. In voltage mode, feed forward from the PFC output bus can be used to improve the line regulation of PWM. In either mode, the PWM stage uses conventional trailing-edge, duty-cycle modulation. This patented leading/trailing edge modulation results in a higher usable PFC error amplifier bandwidth and can significantly reduce the size of the PFC DC bus capacitor.

The synchronization of the PWM with the PFC simplifies the PWM compensation due to the controlled ripple on the PFC output capacitor (the PWM input capacitor). The PWM section of the FAN4800A, FAN4801/1S operates at the same frequency as the PFC; and FAN4800C, FAN4802/2L operates at double frequency with PFC.

Besides power factor correction, a number of protection features are built into this series. They include soft-start, PFC over-voltage protection, peak current limiting, brownout protection, duty cycle limiting, and under-voltage lockout (UVLO).


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