Power supply design guide

July 8, 2009
Power supply design guide

A new sourcebook is billed as being more than a catalog; it is a reference document every engineer should save and use to specify and source power supplies. The sourcebook is now available as a web-ready document for easy download. This dynamic, web-ready version features an index which allows the user to jump to different pages in seconds and a search button for easy lookup. The user can also modify the sourcebook and rearrange pages to meet their needs. In addition, the sourcebook can also be downloaded as a PDF file.

This enhanced book features an introduction page to each family section which explains the key factors you should consider when selecting your power solution. Each family is broken down into series which highlight the products’ features, benefits and safety certifications. In addition the products’ input, output, environmental, and general specifications are outlined above the model numbers associated with that series. Each series also contains diagrams engineers require like Output Derating Curves, Static Characteristics, Block Diagrams, and Mechanical Dimensions.

For more information and to register to receive a copy, please visit us at Astrodyne or call 800-823-8082 or (508) 964-6300.

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URL link: www.astrodyne.com/astrodyne-sourcebook.asp

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