Software provides crisp, clear reports of power and energy consumption

March 6, 2012
Eaton Corp. announces the release of its Power Xpert Reporting version 3.0 software for energy monitoring.

Eaton Corp. announces the release of its Power Xpert Reporting version 3.0, software that helps users make sense of exhaustive power monitoring data and identify vital statistics to improve the efficiency and reliability of facilities. The Power Xpert Reporting software is engineered for energy, health care, information technology, and facility managers to track and compare systems within facilities and across the enterprise. New standard and custom reports help users take advantage of government incentives, avoid penalties, and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Power Xpert Reporting allows users to see a clear representation of their power and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, power quality and more, all in a crisp graphic format,” explains Marcus Maxwell, Eaton product manager.

The latest version of the software now provides 13 report templates with intuitive graphics and charts to help users understand and manage critical power systems and energy flow as a whole. The newest version of Power Xpert Reporting adds standard baseline and dashboard report templates, along with custom reporting capabilities. Additionally, Power Xpert Reporting is tested and configured to use with VMware high-availability clusters for critical systems.

New baseline comparison reports measure actual power consumption over time against a baseline. The report helps verify that a building's energy systems are installed, calibrated, and perform as planned. Additionally, data is normalized for facility size, location, weather, and other environmental variables. These baseline reports support LEED certification and help customers take advantage of government incentives.

With geographical mapping capabilities, a new dashboard report gives users a bird’s eye view of Power Xpert software and Foreseer installations around the globe. Using Microsoft Bing Maps, each building site’s current alarms and status is indicated on a map.

Further, users now have the flexibility to create custom reports with user-selectable or virtual attributes and complex formulas for custom data. New custom reports allow users to create virtual devices to calculate data input based on existing real-world devices – reducing equipment costs, while providing power monitoring capabilities.

Power Xpert Reporting version 3.0 supports failover VMware high availability clustering infrastructure. In the event a system is damaged or maintenance work performed, Power Xpert Reporting used with VMware clustering can access historical data, facilitating key business operations. Power Xpert Reporting communicates with multiple Power Xpert Software and Foreseer databases simultaneously. Additionally, a variety of both Eaton and third-party devices are supported for reporting data.

For more information, contact Eaton Corp., 1000 Cherrington Pkwy., Coraopolis, PA 15108. Phone: (412) 893-3300.

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