Energy Star-compliant power system achieves 92% efficiency

Aug. 22, 2012
Vicor Corp. announces its new Westcor MicroPAC power factor corrected ac-dc power system providing up to 1,300 W of continuous power at up to 92% efficiency and 25 Win3 power density in a compact 4 x 1.72 x 7.45-in. package.

The Westcor MicroPAC power-factor-corrected ac-dc power system provides up to 1,300 W of continuous power at up to 92% efficiency and 25 Win3 power density in a 4x1.72x7.45-in. package. Offering semi-regulated output voltages of 12, 24, 36, and 48 Vdc via four factory-configurable isolated outputs, the new Westcor MicroPACs target distributed power architectures in industrial and automation, MIL-COTS, telecom, and renewable energy applications.

System designers seeking the flexibility to partition multiple voltage outputs rather than use two separate power supplies can configure MicroPACs with a combination of four high performance VI Chip BCM high-voltage bus converters, which may be configured as single outputs, parallel outputs, or a series output with integrated current sharing. For applications requiring higher power levels, MicroPACs can be configured in arrays with box-to-box current sharing.

MicroPACs comply with Energy Star via advanced eco-mode operation settings in which the individual BCMs are powered-on only as needed, further enhancing power efficiency over a wide load range. During standby-mode, total power dissipation (TPD) is less than 8 W, which is exceptional for a power system rated up to 1,300 W.

MicroPACs operate at full load over a wide temperature range (-40 to 55° C) and are ruggedized for harsh environments. Offering an economical alternative to competing MIL-class power systems, MicroPACs meet MIL-STD 810 standards for shock and vibration – up to 7 gs per axis for one hour each, and 40-g functional shock – and are therefore well suited for ground vehicle, aircraft, and ship transport and usage.

For more information, contact Vicor Corp., 25 Frontage Rd., Andover, MA 01810. Phone: (978) 470-2900.


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