IC Simplifies Implementation Of Motion Controllers

Aug. 1, 1999

Combining the control and translator function in one 44-pin QFD package, PCD 4500 chip operates as a satellite µP. Parameters such as distance, minimum and maximum speeds, and acceleration and deceleration are downloaded to the chip. And upon reception of a start signal, the chip calculates and produces a complete motion profile, outputting pulse or phase signals to the drive chip. Typical applications are medical equipment, pick-and-place machines, laboratory instrumentation, and printers. The chip also features full, half or pulse output, built-in timer function, suspend acceleration/deceleration on input, homing routines, easy interface to standard ISA bus or standard µPs, software debounce, pulse rates up to 16 kHz, minimum speed setting to reduce low speed resonance, and external signals such as home and ramp down input.

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