Universal Active Filters Offer Five Different Responses

Sept. 1, 2002

With five different filter responses, the Resistor Programmable Universal Active Filter ICs can each be configured for low-pass, bandpass, high-pass, notch, or all-pass responses. Center or corner frequencies up to 40 kHz are possible. The MSU1F1 and MSU1F3 operate at center frequencies up to 6 kHz while drawing 100 µA of supply current typical. The MSU1F2 and MSU1F4 operate to 40 kHz with 500 µA of supply current. The MSU1F1 and MSU1F2 have a nominal 25:1 clock to corner ratio and the MSU1F3 and MSU1F4 have a nominal 50:1 ratio. The MSU2F1 is a 16-pin device that includes two filter sections and a clock-to-corner ratio select pin. The nominal clock to corner ratio can be either 25:1 or 50:1. All devices in the series operate from a single 5V supply. Depending on the device, prices are $2.25 and $2.58 each/1,000. MIXED SIGNAL INTEGRATION, San Jose, CA. (408) 434-6305.

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