Mini Ball And Roller Slides Provide Precise Linear Motion

May 1, 2001

Designed for applications where space is tight, the Series BX1 and RX1 are said to deliver precise linear motion. The Series BX1 ball slides have a cross section ranging from 0.23" high x 0.38" wide with a travel distance of up to 1.5" and load-carrying capacity is up to 1.5 lbs.
The smallest of these slides measures 0.75" long and moves 0.5" with a 0.002" repeatability and 0.0005/in. of straight-line accuracy. The Series RX1 crossed roller slide provide a cross-section starting at 0.32" high and 0.56" wide with a travel length of up to 2".
These slides can carry loads up to 66 lbs. using steel rollers that alternately crisscross with each other. Their straight-line accuracy is 0.0001/in. with repeatability to 0.0001". Prices for the BX1 and RX1 are $75 and $128, respectively.

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