CIS Or CCD Sensor Signal Processor Resides On Chip

Sept. 1, 1998

Flatbed and sheet-fed color and gray-scale scanners, digital color copiers, and low-cost data acquisition products are among the application areas expected to benefit from the use of the XRD9829 linear CIS or CCD sensor signal processor. Housed in a 20-lead SOIC package, XRD9829 chip includes a high-speed 10-bit A/D converter, a 6-bit programmable gain amplifier with gain adjustment of 1 to 10, and an -bit programmable input referred offset calibration range of 800 mV. In the CCD mode, input signals are ac coupled with an external capacitor, with an internal clamp setting the black level. In the CIS mode, the input can also be ac coupled, enabling CIS signals with black levels to be referenced to ground and then level shifted internally to correspond to VRB. For CIS sensors without black references, the clamp switch can be disabled in dc coupled mode. XRD9829 operates at speeds up to 6 MSPS, can be powered by a 3V or 5V supply, and dissipates 130 mW.

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