Bluetooth Option Enhances Multi-Source Signal Generator

Sept. 1, 2001

A new Bluetooth option for the companyÕs 2026B multi-source generator gives users the ability to simultaneously generate two Bluetooth modulated carriers and one GSM carrier in a single instrument. According to the company, this is a less expensive way to test Bluetooth and GSM compatibility. The option, designated Bluetooth Option 117, is said to be particularly useful for performing blocking tests. It can accept external data sources for Bluetooth and GSM generators or it can use internal PRBS (Pseudo Random Binary Sequence) generators. Wide-band noise characteristics for an individual output of +10 dBm typically measures -80 dBc. A three-source 2026B with Bluetooth Option 117 is priced at $30,595. IFR SYSTEMS INC., Wichita, KS. (800) 835-2352.


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