ADC Accepts Wide Range Of Inputs

Aug. 1, 2001

Operating on a single 5V supply, the LTC1609 serial, 16-bit A/D converter can be configured for multiple unipolar or bipolar input ranges up to ±10V. The ADC accepts bipolar inputs of ±10V, ±5V and ±3.3 and unipolar inputs from 0V to 10V, 5V and 4V. Each range is guaranteed for 16-bits with no missing codes and ±2LSB INL at a sample rate up to 200 Ksamples/s. The 16-bit ADC is available in 28-pin SSOP and SOIC packages in commercial and industrial temperature ranges. LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (408) 432-1900.

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