SMC Connector Assemblies Feature Precision Mating

Feb. 1, 2001

Targeted at telephony central office and local loop systems as well as data communications, the new SMC ribbon fiber cable assemblies are designed to provide reliable connections to parallel optical transmitters. The SMC connectors use the company's precision NTT-compatible MT ferrule and alignment pin system that connects 4 to 24 fibers in a minimum footprint using bare ribbon fiber or a ruggedized jacketed cable. The connector line is available in both multi-mode and improved low-loss single-mode styles. On single-mode assemblies, an 8° angle polishing process controls back reflection. Several low-profile body styles with a squeeze-type mechanism make it easy to mate and unmate the connectors. The assemblies are also available with breakouts for mating to individual connectors. Pricing for the SMC cable assemblies depends on quantity. For example, when purchased in quantities from 1 to 99 pieces, a typical multi-mode assembly with adapter would cost approximately $190.85 each.

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