Wireless Mart Gets Powerful Dual-Channel DAC

Dec. 1, 1998

Tailored for high-speed voice and data applications in the wireless communications market, HI5728 dual-channel D/A converter features 10 bits of resolution and a high throughput rate of 125 MSPS, helping enable the DAC to process I and Q from baseband processors using its two channels. The two-channel design is said to be well-suited for wireless local loop and multi-level QAM systems where phase and amplitude matching of I and Q are critical in minimizing error-vector magnitudes and for high-speed designs where clock tracking between converters is important. With two matched channels and a 1.2V internal reference in a small, 48-lead TQFP package, the 10-bit DAC is directed at reducing overall system complexity and cost.HI5728 runs on a 5V or 3V supply, consumes only 165 mW/channel at 5V and 54 mW at 3V, and is said to maintain excellent ac performance, with a wide spurious free dynamic range of 76 dB (typ.) and low harmonic distortion of 76 dBc (typ.). The chip comes in two speed grades- 125 and 60 MSPS.


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