System Controllers Handle Data Traffic

Dec. 1, 1999

The GT-64120A and GT-64121A are a pair of system controllers for 64-bit MIPS microprocessors. They serve as the heart of an embedded system by bridging a MIPS CPU to PCI-based I/O components, as well as controlling all data traffic to and from main system memory at 100 MHz. Both devices are suited for use in systems that require extremely fast data transfer capabilities, such as Gigabit routers, virtual private network access systems, and streaming data, voice and video applications.Both ICs are compatible with QED’s RM526x, RM527x and RM7000 CPUs, as well as other manufacturers’ R5000-class CPUs. The controllers offer four DMA engines, an SDRAM controller, a device controller for peripherals such as boot ROM, and more.

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