Fibre Channel Analyzer Employs Host-Independent Architecture

Feb. 1, 1999

Based on a host-independent Java client/server architecture, FCAccess 1000 Fibre Channel analyzer provides network-attached accessibility from any location via the Internet, allowing users to work collaboratively worldwide in developing and optimizing Fibre Channel (FC) systems. The analyzer captures all FC traffic in native 10B format at rates exceeding 270 Mbytes/s and uses a deep trace memory (up to 1 Gbyte) to allow users to record long traffic sequences. With a hardware-assisted data search engine called WarpSearch, critical data can be found within seconds.FCAccess clients are said to make it easy for users to design complex triggers and filters, to control the system, and analyze trace recordings. While the real power of FCAccess's client/server architecture is its ability to run entirely from remote locations, the client also offers the option of running on the local server to provide a fully-integrated, standalone analyzer.


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