Silicone Heat Sink Compound Comes In A Syringe

May 1, 2002

A new silicone heat sink compound is stored in an easy-to-use syringe applicator. Specially blended with zinc oxide, the silicone compound is said to have outstanding heat transfer properties. In addition, its excellent dielectric properties-250-350 V/mil-will not effect electronic circuits, the company says. Using the syringe, operators have a high degree of control in dispensing the desired amount of silicone compound exactly where needed. With a simple one-handed operation, a tiny drop or large length of bead flows smoothly out of the syringe. The silicone compound is a zinc-filled polysiloxane. It enables a low-loss thermal pathway for fast, efficient heat transfer between semiconductors and heat sinks by displacing air gaps between mating surfaces. When applied beneath power transistors or other heat-generating devices, it assists the heat transfer from the generating objects to the chassis and metal heat sinks for dissipation. The non-flammable and non-corrosive silicone compound maintains a flexible consistency within a temperature range of -40¡F to +500¡F. Each syringe contains 1 oz. (28g) of the silicone compound. RAWN AMERICA, Spooner, WI. (800) 826-7832.

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