ADC Eyes High-End Imaging Applications

Aug. 1, 1998

Among the key specs said to be propelling SpeedPlus ADS805 12-bit, 20-MHz A/D converter's drive into the high-end imaging mart are a 74 dB SFDR at 9.8 MHz fIN, 68 dB SNR, low power (300 mW) operation, and a low DLE of 0.25 LSB. The high dynamic range, 12-bit pipelined ADC is well-suited for use in such demanding applications as professional CCD imaging, basestation receiver digitization, and test instrumentation. ADS805 features a flexible input range, allowing the full scale to be set from 2Vp-p to 5Vp-p, either single-ended or differential. And it also provides an over-range flag for indicating when the input signal has exceeded the converter's full scale range. ADS805 comes in 28-pin SSOP and SOIC packages.


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