PC/104 Converters Are Armed For Embedded Apps

April 1, 2001

The PC/104 Series converter modules accept any group of up to four individual, three-wire synchro, four-wire resolver inputs, or two-to-four wire LVDT/RVDT inputs, over a frequency range of 50 Hz to 10 kHz, and converts these into 10- to16-bit words of jitter and lag-free natural binary data. The series, which employs type 2 ratiometric tracking converters, offers out-of-the-box performance, finite data integrity, inherent sensor compensation, and long-term repeatability. Data is addressable in a single-word, 16-bit format over the PC/104 stack-bus. Data made available to the bus is continuously updated without interruption, while output data remains monotonic up to the maximum rate of the converter. The series requires no external transformers, modules or signal conditioners and use internal solid-state or transformer-isolated Scott Ts that accept direct field voltage inputs. Pricing starts at $995 each in small quantities.


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