Heatsinks Convey Heat Away From DC/DC Converters

Jan. 1, 2002

As dc/dc converter power densities climb ever higher, so too does the amount of heat they generate. But, of course, too much heat can adversely affect the performance of these power supplies. Two new series of cooling products have been developed to help prevent converters from overheating. The Icicle round-pin heatsinks are said to be best used when the airflow direction is uncertain, or the airflow is less than 300 lfm and air pressure drop is not a concern. The Black Ice plate-fin series of heatsinks features fin thicknesses between 0.30'' and 0.35'' and aspect ratios of up to 12-to-1 and are designed to provide optimum thermal transfer. For more details, call Pat Lian at RADIAN HEATSINKS, Santa Clara, CA. (408)988-6200.


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