High-Speed Connectors Fit Telecomm & Datacomm Uses

May 1, 2000

The HSHM (High-Speed Hard-Metric) Connector Systems combine high signal density with performance speeds exceeding 5 GHz. The HSHM devices are 2-mm, 8-row connector units based on the IEC 61076 packaging system. The connectors provide up to 101 fully shielded 50ž signal lines per inch with low crosstalk at high frequencies, as well as offering a mechanically robust dual beam design. A wide range of shielding configurations are available to provide increased signal density to eliminate wasted grounding pins. The connectors are well suited for backplane and mid-plane applications, and they fit a wide variety of configurations for single-ended and differential-paired signals, columns or rows. Prices range from $0.12 to $0.18 per mated signal line.


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