Content-Addressable Memory Targets Switches And Routers

Sept. 1, 1999

A 30-ns, 256-kbit content-addressable memory is targeted for switches and routers that interoperate with workgroup and enterprise servers in backbone networks. The KE5BGCA256A GigaCAM memory offers a 256-kbit table capacity and is configured as 64 bits x 4096 entries. The memory is cascadable, making it possible to add multiple devices and increase memory density.The chip uses a dual-port architecture that includes a 32-bit I/O port and 16-bit output port. It has 12 mask registers selected by the external pins, making for a more sophisticated search mechanism compared to other CAMs. An access bit can be set for data aging, and a permanent bit can be set for long-term entries. A 3.3V power supply is required for the memory. The device is available in a 128-pin SQFP; a core is also available through the firm’s ASIC program.


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