32-Bit MCU's FLEX Protocol Decoder Puts Messaging Into PDAs

Oct. 1, 1998

The MMC2080 32-bit microcontroller, latest member of the M-CORE family of MCUs, features an integrated roaming FLEX protocol decoder, making the MCU a natural for paging applications. But its usefulness doesn't stop there: applications for the MCU range fromalphanumeric messaging for PDAs to industrial systems and more.Other circuitry found on the MCU include a digital demodulator, alert generator, time-of-day timer, and 24k x 32 (96 kbytes) of ROM and 1.5k x 32 (6 kbytes) of RAM. The IC uses an 8/16-bit external system bus with 22-bit address bus (144-pin version only; 100-pin LQFPs also are available). Users can select outputs for four external devices with 16 Mbytes of external memory addressing. A full range of peripherals is included on-chip. Prototypes and development tools ship in December.


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