Lithium Ion Cell Is IndustryÕs Thinnest

Dec. 1, 2001

Claimed as the industryÕs thinnest lithium ion rechargeable cell, the ICS283465G employs a special aluminum alloy to achieve a thickness of less than 3 mm. The alloy, which contains 4.5% magnesium, produces a lighter and harder case that does not crack and canÕt be damaged with a pin or scissors, the company says.An important new structural feature is a 1.3-mm rib surrounding the cell and containing protective circuitry. The rib serves as the base of a simplified battery pack and helps position the cell into the plastic case of the pack.Designed for cellular telephone applications, the cell has a nominal voltage rating of 3.7V, weighs 16g and measures just 2.8 mm thick by 34 mm wide by 65 mm high. Nominal capacity is 630 mAh. Evaluation samples will be available in the Spring of 2002. MAXELL CORPORATION OF AMERICA, Fair Lawn, NJ. (201) 794-5900.


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