High-End D/A Converter Makes DVD Audio Sparkle

Jan. 1, 1999

Designed for high-end consumer and professional audio applications such as DVD players, CD players, digital effects processors, digital mixing consoles, and broadcast systems, the PCM1704 claims to be the market's best-performing BiCMOS sign-magnitude audio D/A converter. The DAC has a 112-dB dynamic range, 120-dB signal-to-noise ratio, and very low distortion (K Grade: THD+N = 0.0008%). Other key specs include a sampling frequency of 16 to 96 kHz, a 20/24-bit input audio data word, fast current output of ±1.2 mA/200 ns, glitch-free output, pin-programmable data inversions, and ±5V power supply.


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