Interconnects Provide High-Speed Backplane-To-Daughtercard Links

Aug. 1, 2001

Designed for differential pair backplane-to-daughtercard interconnect applications requiring very high contact density and signal integrity, the VHDM HSD-8 connector system employs a 2-mm pitch by eight-row contact layout to provide a signal density of 15 differential pairs of contacts per centimeter. And it supports 2.5- to 5-Gb/s per pair bandwidth performance. In addition, ground planes between signal columns are said to provide tightly controlled impedance for rise-times down to 50 ps (10% to 90%), ensuring very low crosstalk between signals within and between columns.Targeted for use in telecomm, networking and computer systems, the VHMD HSD-8 includes vertical male headers and right-angle receptacles and uses the same stiffener, power and guidance components as VHDMs, an earlier version of the interconnect system. Maximum length of a daughtercard connector on a single stiffener is 300 mm, offering 450 differential pairs. Multiple stiffeners can be joined together to make longer connectors. And headers come in 10- and 25-column lengths. Price of a 75-pair receptacle is about $27 each/10,000, with the mating header costing $16.24. MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6539.


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