I/O System Combines Many Functions

May 1, 2002

Combining I/O, control, networking, and connectivity, the SNAP Ultimate I/O system boasts of the built-in capability to both acquire and distribute data. The system incorporates a 10/100 Mb/s, auto negotiating Ethernet interface and TCP/IP transport. It also supports the simultaneous use of multiple, application-level protocols including Modbus/TCP, XML, SMTP, and the company's open IEEE 1394 protocol. Flowchart-based control programming software with a scripting tool is included. Documentation for I/O control with additional software and utilities for use with the system are available for free download at the company's website. An optional Windows-based HMI development and runtime software package is also available for $99 per seat. OPTO 22, Temecula, CA. (800) 321-6786.


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