Connectors And Cable Glands Unite To Form A Single Interconnection System

Jan. 1, 2001

This detachable insulation displacement connector (IDC) system is said to combine the advantages of connectors and screwed cable glands in a single unit. Quick, easy termination is said to be accomplished by simply removing the cable insulation, inserting the individual, non-stripped wires into the Harax system, and tightening the screw cap. No special tools are required. The resulting gas tight connection qualifies for an IP67 rating, making the system ideal for heavy industrial applications. Harax is also intended for round cables containing a low number of strands, such as in areas where sensors and actuator boxes are used. The series provides termination components for panel feed-throughs, M8 and M12 connectors, passive sensor and actuator boxes, as well as customer specific solutions. Typical applications involve systems with working voltages up to 230V/16A ac. Prices start at $8.69 each.

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