65 MSPS ADC Targets Digital Radio Receivers

July 1, 2000

A 14-bit, 65-MSPS A/D converter, the AD6644 is targeted at next generation communications equipment, specifically programmable digital radio receivers. The device accurately converts wideband analog signals (200 MHz input bandwidth) with low noise (74 dB) and low distortion (100 dB SFDR). According to the company, this makes possible a new receiver architecture that will deliver enhanced voice and data services over cellular and PCS bands. The AD6644 is a critical component of the company's SoftCell multi-carrier transceiver chipset.
Since the performance of this device is sufficient for highly complex functions such as filtering to be performed digitally-- thus eliminating expensive analog filters that require adjustment during the system manufacturing process-- software radios using the AD6644 will be smaller and less costly to manufacture, the company says. Additionally, they can be easily reprogrammed and reconfigured for new air standards services. As a result, cellular/PCS operators can install equipment that will accommodate changing air standards without requiring new hardware. The AD6644 comes in a 52-pin PQFP and costs $39 each/1,000.

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