Rugged Circualr Connectors Accept All Types Of Contacts

March 1, 2002

Said to represent a major new entry into the market for commercial cylindrical connectors, the Amphe-Lite series is designed to accept standard 38999-type power, signal, RF or fiber-optic contacts. Inter-mountable with the companyÕs Mil Spec 38999 connectors, the new series of lightweight, durable circular connectors is built to resist corrosion and harsh environments and to provide complete EMI shielding. The interconnects also feature a positive shell-to-shell coupling design, grounding fingers, Acme threads to ensure coupling durability, an anti-vibration mechanism to prevent the connectors from backing off, and an interfacial seal and rear grommet to ensure complete environmental sealing to prevent electrolytic erosion. The connectors are also designed to mate quickly and to self-lock with only a 360¡ turn of the coupling nut. Amphe-Lite commercial cylindrical connectors come in 9 through 25 shell sizes and in wall-mount receptacle, jam nut receptacle, and straight plug shell styles. The median price for fully populated Amphe-Lites ranges from $10 to $25 each in large volumes. The connectors are also available from TTI Inc., the Fort Worth, Texas-based distributor. For more details, contact Geoff Grace at AMPHENOL INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS, Sidney, NY. (607) 563-5895.

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