Low-Noise Amps Suit Wireless Applications

Aug. 1, 2000

Designed to handle general-purpose amplification assignments, the low-noise RF2371 and RF2375 radio frequency ICs offer high performance, low power consumption and compact design for wireless communications applications. Operating from a 2.7V to 3.6V single power supply, the RF2371 has a range of 700 MHz to 2000 MHz. At 1950 MHz, the device delivers 12 dB gain and a 1.8 dB figure. The device's attenuation is controlled when in power-down mode, providing a known gain step of 17 dB. The device also features a highly accurate PTAT biasing scheme using bandgap cells. The RF2375 is well suited for DCS 1800/1900 handsets. At 1950 MHz, the device offers an 18 dB gain and a 2.5 dB noise figure. The input IP3 can be set with an external resistor. Applications for both of these devices include being used as a driver state for power amps, IF or RF buffer amplification, and oscillator loop amplification.


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