8-Bit, 50-MHz A/D Converter Joins Fast, Low-Power Video Line

May 1, 1999

With typical power dissipation of just 125 mW from a single 5V supply, the ADC1175-50 video ADC is tested and guaranteed for 50-MHz performance and functions with clock frequencies from 1 MHz to 55 MHz. The combination of low power and good ac and dc characteristics suit the device for use in video and imaging equipment. Exceptional dynamic performance is exemplified by a signal-to-noise ratio of 46 dB and low harmonic distortion of -51 dB minimum at 4.4 MHz input. With a low SINAD drop of less than 3 dB from fin of 1.3 MHz to the Nyquist sampling rate of 24.9 MHz, the device is said to simplify the design of the analog input signal processing. Nyquist performance is 7.2 effective bits with a 4.4-MHz input and 50-MHz clock.


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