CompactPCI Chassis Suit Development Platforms

May 1, 1999

Rugged enclosures and engineering development platform applications are the targets for two new chassis for CompactPCI systems that incorporate Dot-Ten components that comply with the IEEE 1101.10 mechanical standard. The Vanguard 19" tabletop or rack-mountable enclosure comes with a 6U x 160 mm card cage with alternating tan and black Dot-Ten card guides for easy card alignment; and a front panel peripheral mounting for 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" half-height and/or slimline peripherals for easy access.The chassis also has a four-, six- or eight-slot, 10-layer backplane in either 3U or 6U heights. The 10-layer backplane construction provides for low crosstalk and a tightly-controlled characteristic impedance environment. Dedicated power and ground planes improve distribution of the four voltages required by CompactPCI.

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