Media Converters Support LANs, WANs

Feb. 1, 2000

Introduced as comprehensive series of copper-to-fiber converters that support both 10-Mbps and 100-Mbps full-duplex and half-duplex Ethernet LANs and WANs, the McBasic 10/100 Series allows network managers to cost-effectively connect both speeds of Ethernet, copper-based hubs, switches and routers with fiber-based cabling infrastructures. These autosensing 10/100 media converters are standalone units that measue slightly larger than a deck of playing cards, and include a 100- to 240- vac interal power supply. Both an RJ-45 and a fiber-optic port are provided. The fiber-optic port fits ST, SC and small form factor (SFF) connectors such as the VF-45 from 3M and MT-RJ from Agilent Technologies and AMP.

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