PCB Connectors Deliver Reliability In Tight Quarters

Feb. 1, 2000

Featuring an ultra-low profile of 1.25 mm (0.49 in.), the PanelMate connector line is ideal for tight packaging applications such as LCD panels, notebook PCs, and other portable applications. The family of connectors includes crimp and FPC receptacles and six intermating SMT headers, and are available with two to 30 circuits.Several different profile heights are available. The unshielded versions have profile heights as low as 1.03 mm (0.041 in.) and the shielded versions are as low as 0.98 mm (0.0386 in.).Other features include blade-style pins, friction locking windows, angled mating lead-ins, and a fully shrouded design. The crimp receptacle is 1.8 mm (0.071 in.) high and accepts a terminal with a box-style contact and the polarized crimp housing features a locking lance for terminal retention.

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