Touch-Screen Encoder Implemented With Mouse Driver Via PS/2 Port

Nov. 1, 1999

Serving to interface any four- or eight-wire resistive touch-screen to PS/2-equipped computers and chipsets, the ScreenCoder is a low-power, 5V IC equipped with a special command protocol that allows the screen to be operated in either a relative (mouse-like) or absolute mode. And when operating in the relative mode, the chip can use any standard mouse driver. The chip also supports MouseWheel functionality for external mice.Other ScreenCoder features include an advanced algorithm for enchanced motion control, click-to-select functionality, and an extra port for hot-plug connection to an external pointing device, making the device well-suited for portable systems and interactive kiosks. The ScreenCoder chip comes in 40-pin PDIPs, 44-pin PLCCs and QFPs, and 48-pin TQFPs.


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