Portable DAQ System Courts Data-Recorder Like Features

Jan. 1, 2001

The GX-1 data acquisition (DAQ) and recording system combines the high data storage capacity and wide frequency response of a data recorder with the programmable sampling rates and integrated signal conditioning amplifiers of a DAQ system into a compact, portable package. This 16-channel instrument can continuously record at bandwidths up to 200 kHz per channel. Other features include a dynamic range of over 80 dB, total sampling depth of 3 Msamples, up to 256 MB of DRAM, and an internal 25 GB AIT tape drive, magneto-optical drive, or PCMCIA memory card. The unit can be used as a front end for a PC when using the 256-MB of DRAM as a buffer. Downloading is via a SCSI-2 interface. Pricing is approximately $500 per channel.


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