Expander Puts Single-Ended Peripherals On An LVD Bus

Nov. 1, 1998

This external WIDE Ultra2 SCSI (Fast40) multimode expander connects to any WIDE low voltage differential (LVD) bus via a 68-pin high-density cable. The RTLVD-SEP expander converts narrow (8-bit) single-ended SCSI to WIDE (16-bit) LVD to allow single-ended peripherals to be used on an LVD bus without limiting the entire Ultra2 SCSI LVD bus (80 MB/s) to Ultra SCSI bus (40 MB/s) speeds. Single-ended devices will operate up to Ultra SCSI speeds. The RTLVD-SEP can also be used to extend a narrow single-ended Ultra SCSI bus to double its total length up to 40 feet (12 meters). The multimode expander can be powered from remote termination power to provide the 5V power source. A power connector is provided for an external 5V power source when needed.


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