PLDs Have On-Chip RAM

Dec. 1, 1998

Offering 4992 logic elements and 24,576 bits of on-chip RAM, the EPF10K100B PLD, a member of firm's FLEX 10K family, has industry-standard, ready-made megafunctions from the firm's MegaCore and AMPP programs. This device is based on the 0.25-µm, 2.5V architecture using a five-layer metal SRAM process that offers 140-MHz, 16-tap, 8-bit FIR filter performance that's about 84% faster than 0.35-µm FPGAs, it's claimed. The device uses the continuous FastTrack Interconnect feature designed by the firm to fully leverage process metal layers, resulting in additional performance gains and minimum die area. Additionally, the migration to a 0.25-µm process provides 66% power saving when compared with 0.35-µm FPGAs.


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