µC Line Expands To Allow Internet Connectivity In Embedded Apps

June 1, 2000

Implemented on an 0.5-µm process, these new flash microcontrollers are said to substantially close the price differential between flash and one-time programmable memories. The new PIC16Fxxx and PIC18Fxxx code-compatible microcontrollers, embracing 37 different devices in all, feature 256 bytes of data EEPROM requiring a 2V to 5V supply and having a lifetime of 100,000 erase/write cycles. They also offer 64- to 512-Kwords of flash program memory and up to 4 KB of data SRAM.
Other features include: 8- to 84-pin configurations; 10-bit, 12-channel A/D converters; power-on reset and brownout detection; comparators; PLL; and USB and CAN capabilities. Prices for the chips range from $0.96 to $12.50 each/10,000.

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