Ultra2 SCSI LVD Multimode Expander Requires No Power

Sept. 1, 1998

Doubling the transfer rate of the Wide (Fast40) Ultra SCSI bus from 40 MB/s to 80 MB/s, RTLVD-SE Ultra2 SCSI expander card has a multimode feature that lets it operate in LVD or single-ended modes. The expander automatically senses whether the interface requires an LVD or single-ended connection. And it can be used to extend the single-ended SCSI bus or convert from LVD to single-ended. In single-ended mode, acting as a single-ended extender, the maximum cable length of the single-ended bus is 40 feet. Multimode also offers extended life of the single-ended legacy devices by operating on the same bus with LVD devices. However, if a single-ended device is connected to the LVD bus the LVD devices are required to operate in single-ended mode at a transfer rate no greater than 40 MB/s. Degradation is speed can be avoided by connecting the single-ended devices via an RTLVD-SE Expander. The expander can be powered from the termination power line from either the LVD or single-ended connector, thereby eliminating the need for a power supply and cabling.

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