Development Tools Address QNX RTOS

Oct. 1, 1998

CodeWarrior for QNX is a fully integrated development environment that targets all the processor platforms supported by the QNX/Neutrino RTOS, including PowerPC, MIPS and x86. The environment gives embedded developers the flexibility to change platforms at any stage of the design process, without having to change tools or, in many cases, source code.CodeWarrior for QNX is designed from the ground up as an integrated environment as opposed to a patchwork assembly of loosely coupled tools. It provides all the tools a programmer needs for advanced application software development, including compilers, linkers, editor, browser, project manager, and fully integrated debugger. The new integrated debugger makes all editing and project management tools available during debug, which enables developers to spend less time switching between tools and more time developing code. Hosted on Windows 95/98/NT or QNX 4, CodeWarrior for QNX provides C and C++ front ends as well as a complete tool chain.

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