DAC s Take Aim At Set-Top Boxes

Jan. 1, 2001

By integrating the necessary PLL used for video applications, the AK4363/4 two-channel D/A converters for MPEG/AC-3 audio playback solves the integration problem for set-top box designers. The 20-bit AK4323 was developed for digital satellite broadcast set-top box applications. Driven by a PLL replay clock, the chip delivers a dynamic range of 100 dB, which satisfies requirements for CD audio reproduction quality. Its built-in digital volume control and monaural mode also make it suitable for digital TV audio playback. In contrast, the AK4364 has a built-in digital audio I/F transmitter that simplifies transmission of digital audio to an external AV receiver. These functions are microprocessor-controlled using a three-wire interface or an I2C serial interface. Both DACs come in 24-pin VSOP packages, with AK4363 priced at $2.06 and AK4364 costing $4.63 each/10,000.


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