FM Transceiver Modules Deliver Data Rates To 20 Kb/s

July 1, 2002

The X2010 and X2011 narrow-band, FM-transceiver modules promise users reliable operation at data rates up to 20 Kb/s over frequencies of 434.075 MHz or 914.5 MHz. Operating in temperatures from -25°C to +55°C, both are available in DIL packages measuring 33 mm x 22 mm x 9 mm (X2010) and 33 mm x 48 mm x 9 mm (X2011) including their integrated antennas. Transmitter sections use a PLL design with a reference crystal oscillator to provide control of the transmission over the transceivers’ frequency and temperature range. With the same PLL design, the receiver sections employ a single-conversion, super-het design that provides a receiver sensitivity of -112 dBm and a range up to 1,000'. Quantity pricing starts at $59 each. OKW ELECTRONICS, Bridgeville, PA. (800) 965-9872.


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