Output Option Interfaces Directly To Standard Encoder Inputs

Oct. 1, 2002

The new Absolute Quadrature output option available on Micropulse BTL-Z rod-style linear displacement transducers gives designers more interface options for connecting to motion-based systems. The output interfaces directly to standard encoder inputs (90° out-of-phase, A&B). But unlike other incremental encoders, the Micropulse Absolute Quadrature can also provide absolute position information upon request, eliminating the need to re-home after power loss. To ensure compatibility with virtually any control system, the Micropulse BTL-Z transducers can be operated in either synchronous or free-running modes. The output option has selectable position resolutions of 1, 2, 5 or 10 µm or 0.001'' or 0.0001'', as well as selectable pulse frequencies of 10, 208, 416 and 833 kHz. The BTL-Z rod-style offers a variety of output options, including analog and digital synchronous serial (SSI) and a variety of fieldbus-compatible interfaces. It also features field-replaceable electronic heads (analog and digital) and 100% field-scalable output signals (analog). BALLUFF INC., Florence, KY. (800) 543-8390.

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