Emulator Provides 100% Visibility Into Designs

Aug. 1, 1999

Users of VirtuaLogic 2.1 are promised 100% visibility into their designs, 3X to 5X design compilation speed improvements, and the ability to offload FPGA compile steps onto PCs and/or UNIX workstations. The 100% visibility feature allows users to gain a level of visibility into the design that is typically obtained only with software simulators. Yet, users can achieve the performance benefits of an emulator at rates of 1 million cycles per second, it's claimed. In addition to improved compilation, users can also farm out FPGA compilation to PCs as well as UNIX workstations, or they can use a combination of multiple platforms. Version 2.1 of VirtuaLogic is available to firm's customers under maintenance at no additional cost.

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