CompactPCI Chassis Assembly Boasts Of Configurable Features

Feb. 1, 1999

By offering a choice of two pluggable M-style power supplies and an optional backplane divider kit, the CP-ASM6 chassis assembly gives design engineers added flexibility in tailoring CompactPCI systems to the end application's needs. The supplies include a 3U 180W or 6U 270W unit, with the latter also available as a dual redundant unit. The 3U supply, called CP3-SVE-M180AC, delivers 14A at 3.3V and 20A at 5V, along with ±12V. Model CP6-SVE-M270-AC narrow profile (12 HP) 6U supply can deliver 30A at 3.3V and 20A at 5V without a blower- it can also provide -12V and +12V.The chassis assembly's other configurable feature- namely, the backplane divider kit- is designed to snap into the backplane for converting one to seven of the 6U CompactPCI slots to 3U slots. CP-ASM6 CompactPCI chassis complies with IEEE 1101.1, 1101.10 and P1101.11 specs and can also accommodate CD-ROM, HDD and FDD peripherals. Hardware kits and a 7U version with a three-fan blower unit for use where extreme thermal loading will be encountered are also available.

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