Upgraded Desktop Productivity Software Is Easier To Use

Feb. 12, 2007
Seemage Version 4.0 boasts more than 40 new or improved features that will facilitate content creation across the board in a manufacturing environment.

Version 4.0 of the Seemage software package allows engineers to import the complete digital product definition from any 3D CAD or enterprise applications into Seemage's easy-to-use content-creation applications. Using Seemage 4.0, members of any department can then combine the 3D design data with bills of material (BOMs) and metadata from any enterprise system to create a broad range of product deliverables, including marketing, sales, manufacturing, service, and support documentation. Based on open XML standards, Seemage 4.0 can be implemented first as a desktop productivity application and then, using XML, be non-disruptively integrated into enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, and any other enterprise system.

Version 4.0 contains more than 40 new or improved features. Among them are:

  • Fully shattered file structures. This capability eases integration with existing enterprise systems by allowing the generation and maintenance of any BOM regardless of the existence of a CAD assembly.
  • Automatic creation of interactive BOMs. Creation, updating, and republishing of BOMs and parts catalogs is much easier.
  • Static and dynamic clash. This allows users across the enterprise to evaluate how interference affects the assembly and service procedures they are authoring.
  • Loading/unloading on demand. This function enhances performance by permitting users to specify the active parts.
  • Internal part culling. After authoring content and before publishing it, Seemage 4.0 can automatically remove any unseen components, reducing the file size of the published content and protecting the removed parts.
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