Software Controls PC Oscilloscope Cards

Nov. 1, 1998

GageScope for Windows is a powerful program for control of the company's CompuScope family of PC-based oscilloscope and data-acquisition cards. The cards feature: high resolutions of 8, 12 and 16 bits; deep memory buffers of up to 16 Mbytes; and sampling rates of up to 500 Msps.The software, though simple to use, provides the means for configuring the CompuScope cards. Available settings include sample rate, capture mode, pre- and post-trigger depth, trigger level and slope, timebase, channel visibility and color, input range, and much more.Also available are optional waveform parameter plug-ins that automatically calculate rise and fall times, pulse width, frequency, and more. The software makes 1 million point FFTs possible as well. And it allows for simultaneous viewing of time and frequency domain data. All this functionality is presented to the user in the familiar native Windows fashion. Most settings can be changed with a mouse click.

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