CompactPCI WAN Products Encompass Hardware & Software

June 1, 1999

Designed to integrate with firm's WAN protocol software, cPCI hardware solutions include the CPC344/348 synchronous WAN communications engine and the CPC380 quad T1/E1 WAN telecommunications engine. The four-port and eight-port CPC344 and CPC348 can be interfaced with T1 routers, DSUs/CSUs, frame relay access devices, high-speed modems and other high-speed synchronous communications devices. The CPC380 is well-suited for Frame Relay, SS7 or any channelized protocol connections to telecommunications switches, AIN nodes, CTI systems or remote access multiplexers. Based on the Motorola MPC860MH PowerQUICC data communications processor, these adapters support hot-swap insertion and comply with the latest PICMG 2.1 Hot Swap specification. The CPC380 supports the ECTF H.110 specification.

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